Project’s main objectives are:

  1. To analyse models of good practice in older men’s learning and socialising in different contexts and environments based on the needs, motivation and demands of older men in selected communities regarding community activities and confront them with existing possibilities in different communities.
  2. To develop and implement an educational programme for community organisation workers who are interested and active in the learning and education of older men aged 60 years and more in how to enhance the learning dimension in their organisations.
  3. To prepare the precise and in-depth recommendations for local communities, involving different organisations, providers of activities, local community facilitators, etc. in the sense of development of new social activities and community learning possibilities for older men.
  4. To raise the awareness of different stakeholders and providers of social and learning activities on the community level of their impact on community members, of the learning needs of older men and benefits from including them in the learning process.
  5. To form a user-friendly information and learning community portal for enhancing EU-wide cooperation of different actors and organisations on community level and their acquaintance with the learning and social needs of different groups of adults in communities in participating EU countries.
  • Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.